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Tag archives for Heart Disease

He Healed From Diabetes with Raw Foods!

Phil from Black Mountain, NC was 80 years old with all sorts of health issues including diabetes, blood pressure concerns, and really painful back pains.185


Getting Kids off of Junk Food and Fast Food/Raw Vegan Lasagne Recipe

Take control back of your health with diet and lifestyle changes! www.thefruitdoctor.com Heart disease starts as early as 3 years old. The junk food and fast food …994


Can We Prevent Heart Disease

Is it possible that while everyone has been looking for a magic pill or surgery to solve all our health problems, the answer has been at the end of our fork the …260


Did Drew Turn Vegan?

[removed] [removed] [removed] Hello Fitlifers! Welcome to another exciting …539


The Dietary Scam Known as the Vegan/Raw Food Diet

Schedule a Health and Nutritional Consultation with me! You will give you the world’s best health and nutritional information from me based on my 10 years of …2692


La weight loss – Eat Better and Live Healthier With a Paleo Diet Plan

[removed] Visit to learn more about Raw Food Chef Dina and about her releasing weight program! Raw food diet weight loss. Vegan Diet weight loss, …184


Healing a Broken Heart Diabetic Diet, Vegan, Heart Attack! Chef Dina Knight!

How You Can Heal Heart Disease! Without Drugs!601


Solving Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Chronic Fatigue with ONE SOLUTION

In this 1 hour talk, Dr. Graham discusses the single solution that solves the most common health problems of today: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, candida, …3355


Vitamin K2 & Heart Health

For more info: [removed] …448


Raw Foods diet for Diabetes | Reversing Diabetes ( Anthony Robbins, Morgan Spurlock )

watch the movie here [removed] featured Anthony Robbins, David Wolfe, and Morgan Spurlock from Super Size Me Film The …304

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