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The Dietary Scam Known as the Vegan/Raw Food Diet

Schedule a Health and Nutritional Consultation with me! You will give you the world’s best health and nutritional information from me based on my 10 years of …2692


Reversing Heart Disease/Raw Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

Learn what top cardiologists eat to avoid heart disease and enjoy a recipe for chocolate covered raw vegan peanut butter truffles that taste exactly like Reeses …1246


Raw Food's Effect On Immune System & Thymus Gland

Boost your immune system with raw foods! The Raw Food Diet, a diet of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, is full of antioxidants and enzymes which help prevent …320


Meat, Eggs, Dairy, and Heart Disease

Need Coaching? – [removed] . Get Tim’s AudioBook "Turbo Charge Your Life!" [removed] . —– . Welcome to Tim Van Orden’s …367


Raw Vs Cooked Food Vegan Diets | Dr. Michael Greger

To learn more about Dr. Greger, please visit [removed] Raw Veggies Versus Cooked for Heart Disease …373


Long Term Raw Vegan Has a Stroke: Why a Raw Diet May Not be Healthy

John from [removed] talks with his friend, David who had a stroke after eating a raw food diet for the last 16 years. In this episode, you will discover …4227


Healing Cancer, Autoimmune, Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes and Heart Disease on Raw Food Diet.

Healing Cancer, Diabetes, Thyroid, Heart, and Autoimmune Diseases with Raw Cleansing Go to www.therawoasis.com to join a 21 Day Raw Cleanse and …909


GMO’s, EMF’s and Raw Food Diets

Expert Panel Hosts: Dr Brian Clement, Jeffery Smith, Devra Davis, Cherie Soria, Dan Ladermann (A podcast version of this video is available on iTunes.)6773


How to Prepare your Raw Food For The Week – Produce Haul

[removed] Raw foods contain enzymes that help aid in digestion. A raw food diet can be developed through eating fruits, vegetables, grains …604


George on the Mend with Raw Food After Heart Attack

George, who had a heart attack and how has a stent, sees little improvement with his health. He is noticing improvement with green smoothies and on a vegan …650