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Tag archives for Heart Disease

RAW salad to prevent heart disease and improve brain function | dara dubinet

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Why Some Vegans Have Same Cancer, Heart Attack & Death Rates As Meat Eaters- Dr Michael Greger

Shocking studies have been released that found Vegans and Vegetarians have the same cancer, heart attack and death rates as meat eaters! Why do vegans …711


Healing a Broken Heart- Diabetic Diet, Vegan, Heart Attack (http://www.greenivore.com)

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An apple a day can keep heart disease away – Health News

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High Raw Food Diet Causes Chronic Energy Deficiency and Infertility? Here's the evidence.

Is a strict raw plant-based diet best for health and fitness? Is raw food more digestible than cooked food? Is cooked food suboptimal? Not according to current …517


Raw Foods Heal

Raw foods heal when used properly. Eating raw foods is healthy but blending raw foods can have many more health benefits.531


Dr. Oz on Heart Attack Tips and Dieting

This is a video Dr. Oz ([removed] We do not own this video. Dr Oz. discusses tips on dieting and how the right ones can prevent …276


Will Vegan Diet Damage Your Kidneys? Dr Michael Greger

Is it safe to eat a vegan diet? Is it unhealthy to not eat meat? Can a vegan diet damage your kidneys or can a vegan diet actually help kidney problems and …214


The Scientific Proof of Reversal of Heart Disease & Cancer

Learn how to reverse diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer growth according to the latest scientific research and studies published in …3688


Raw Food vs Meat, Junk Food, Viagra and The Human Filter

Raw food cleanses the human filter and keeps everything working at maximum capacity. Meat and junk food clog the human filter leaving you stuck in a low …293